All the constructions will be done according to the plans, technical specifications and instructions of the management and the designers of the company KYRIAKOS KOLANIS & SONS LTD. The quality of the constructions will be in line with the high standards set jointly by the company and the designers of the project, which are in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Plumbing and Drainage

The system of hydraulic piping will be of the radial type with “Manifold” and Piping of type “Pipe-in-Pipe”.
The drainage system, gutters, and ventilation pipes will be made of UPVC pipes. Gutter and ventilation pipes will be installed on the roof where necessary.
A plastic tank (optional based on arrangements) of 1-ton cold water and a 200Lt hot water tank (boiler) of Stainless-Steel type will be installed, which in series will be connected to solar panels. The hot and cold water will be in a closed circuit with the help of a pressure pump which will be placed in the ground floor of the house.

Air Conditioning Provisions

The air conditioning provisions include electrical wiring, water drainage and piping, and cooling and heating.

Heating Provisions

(optional based on arrangements)
The ground floor includes provision for underfloor heating with PEX – C type pipes installed on insulation floor made of special polystyrene. The floor includes provision of pipes for water type radiators.