All the constructions will be done according to the plans, technical specifications and instructions of the management and the designers of the company KYRIAKOS KOLANIS & SONS LTD. The quality of the constructions will be in line with the high standards set jointly by the company and the designers of the project, which are in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Exterior Façade

Exterior Façade (Optional HPL Decorative Panels Hai precision laminate with hidden suspension)
Exterior Façade (Optional Alucobond Aluminium Panels with hidden suspension)
Exterior Façade (Optional Wood with hidden suspension)
Exterior Façade (Building of Single-leafed Stone)
NOTE: On the exterior of the building no changes will be allowed. Only the architect and/or the decorator of the project will be responsible for the choice of materials, colours, and construction details.

1. The choice of ceramics or marbles in a diamond shape or sophisticated dimensions such as 10×10 cm, then their installation will be charged with additional installation costs from €15.00 up to €25.00 per sq.m., depending on the case.

2. Selection by the buyer of materials of a different value from the above purchase value, then the prospective difference will be charged or credited to the buyer accordingly. Our company does not undertake any responsibility for the quality of the materials supplied to us by the customer.