Prefabricated houses, namely metal constructions or metal houses, are the future for construction. All over the world, the construction of a house made of metal frame is a given fact, with the greatest security and the best value for money.
There is a misconception that houses with metal frames are of poor-quality construction and for this reason, they are also cheaper. That namely, it is a rough construction that is usually intended for a house with limited residence time or for an unapproved construction. This view is completely wrong and is said by people who do not know the specific way of construction and the advantages it presents.
In general, if one takes into account the steps of construction of a building or a house or an apartment building, will see that it consists of:
All the above works are the same whether the construction of the frame is made of concrete or metal elements. Either by extension, the walls (external and internal) are made of bricks or of a dry construction system (cement boards, drywalls).
Some of the advantages of metal buildings – houses made of metal frame and dry construction system are:
The reasons that make metal constructions cheaper are:
All the constructions will be done according to the plans, technical specifications and instructions of the management and the designers of the company KYRIAKOS KOLANIS & SONS LTD. The quality of the constructions will be in line with the high standards set jointly by the company and the designers of the project, which are in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Cyprus.