KYRIAKOS KOLANIS & SONS LTD is a Limassol based company dedicated to the design, construction and sale of high quality modular prefabricated houses.

We design and manufacture custom homes, offices, halls, etc. for you and we transport it anywhere you desire in Cyprus.

At KYRIAKOS KOLANIS & SONS LTD we do not have predefined models. We study the needs of each customer in a personalised way and develop a completely exclusive design and approach from a wide range of options.

In recent years, modular prefabricated houses are an alternative to the real estate market where people prefer them over traditional options. They also have the advantage of being able to settle on all types of plots, either in the city or on a plot of land.

At KYRIAKOS KOLANIS & SONS LTD, our well-trained team, which consists of professional architects, engineers, inspectors, builders, craftsmen, allows us to know the needs of our customers, and therefore, to be able to to take the necessary measures to satisfy them.

Why consider choosing Prefabricated homes?

We provide comprehensive Support & Guidance

Do you have a project in mind? Our team of experts is ready to help you throughout the whole process of your dream-home development.